The most intuitive and efficient guest ordering system

With Delicito, your guests can conveniently access, order & pay for your menu digitally at the table. Simply scan the QR code with Delicito to call up the menu, select the desired products, pay & order.

The order is sent directly to the kitchen and bar and can be implemented as quickly as possible. This saves you and your guests time. 

That's how easy it is!

App features

What distinguishes Delicito and sets it apart from other ordering systems?

Increase Your Revenue!

Reduced waiting times, especially during peak hours, lead to quicker table turnovers, boosting your capacity and revenue.

Increase efficiency!

Digital menu, ordering, and payment process directly on your guests’ smartphones!

This also enhances customer satisfaction!

Absolutely simple!

A smartphone and a QR are all you and your guests need to use Delicito.

Maximum flexibility!

With Delicito, you can customize your menu quickly and easily at any time with just a few clicks.

Why Delicito?

Everyone knows the problem as a guest in a restaurant, café, pub, bar or club: you have to…

…on the menu.

…to be able to order.

…on the food or drinks.

….um to finally pay and be able to walk again.

With Delicito, we digitize your business together & easily:

In times of staff shortages, Delicito supports and relieves your staff and you by digitizing your processes.

With Delicito, conveniently select, pay, and order from your smartphone menu. Enjoy a relaxed dining experience while saving time - that's Modern Ordering.


Simple digitization for your business!

Delicito works with your existing cash register and provides you with helpful evaluations to help you optimize your business.

Works with any smartphone

Delicito can be used as a web application or as an iOS or Android app and can therefore be used with any smartphone!

One app - every restaurant!

Your guests don't want a separate app for each restaurant. Delicito provides one ordering app for the entire gastronomy!

Never Miss the Second Round Again!

With Delicito, your guests can instantly order more drinks, extra dishes, and much more!

  • Increase revenue with additional sales and pop-up notifications!

  • No waiting time for your guests!

  • Appetite stimulated with images in the app!

  • Simple ordering process and cashless payment!

  • Turn customers into regulars!

Try Delicito now for free!

Questions & Answers

Do you still have questions? Simply contact us via or read the following FAQs:

Delicito for the gastronomy

Increased revenue through quicker table turnover and potential additional sales via the Delicito app. We alleviate existing staff by digitizing workflow!

Delicito for guests in gastronomy

Open the menu directly at the table, select desired food and drinks, and order instantly. Especially during peak times like lunch breaks, the Delicito app is a real time-saver!

How much does it cost to use?

Usage for guests is free, and there are no fixed costs for gastronomy owners either!

Do I need to install the app on my phone?

No, you can access it directly through the web application (in your browser) via the QR code without installing anything. However, for storing your data for future orders at any restaurant, downloading the app is ideal.